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National Institutes of Health. Facts about Heart Failure, which occurs when the heart loses its ability to pump enough blood through the body. Usually, the loss in pumping action is a symptom of an underlying heart problem, such as coronary artery disease. And some of the common medications that people take for it.

HeartPoint. How Time Has Changed. Heart failure at one time was an almost untreatable disorder. Times have changed. Today, there are many important and effective measures that can be utilized to improve the symptoms, and the survival, of patients with congestive heart failure. Perhaps more than in other conditions, it is important to understand what is going on, and for the patient to participate in the care of this condition.

American Heart Association. Know Heart and Stroke. Orientated to women. One in two women will eventually die of heart disease or stroke, compared with one in 27 who will eventually die of breast cancer. But don't let those statistics get you down. The good news is that you can substantially reduce many of your risk factors for heart disease and stroke with a few simple lifestyle changes.

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