Depression is a real illness, with real causes. Getting help is smart medicine!
Do you have a hard time enjoying the things you used to? These symptoms can be part of everyday life or, if persistent, signs of a medical illness. Many of the symptoms of depression are easy to miss. They are often your mind's way of telling you something is wrong. Sometimes depression can be caused by serious life events like death or divorce. Many times it can appear in someone's life for no apparent reason. If you think you might be depressed, help is available.

Depression is a real illness with real causes.
One out of eight Americans will suffer from depression at least once in their lifetime. It is estimated that over 18 million people a year suffer from depression. Many doctors believe that depression is caused by an imbalance of serotonin - a chemical in the brain that helps carry messages from one cell to another. This means depression isn't caused by personal weakness - it's not just a down period that you can snap out of. If you think you may be depressed, more information is available. You don't have to suffer.

If you think you might be suffering from depression, help is available.
Remember, talking to your doctor is always your best hope for recovery. About 80% of people with depression can be treated successfully with medication, talk therapy, or a combination of the two.

Information about a treatment that has worked for millions.
After your first experience with depression, you have a 50% chance of experiencing it a second time. And, if you experience it a second time, a 70% chance of experiencing it a third. The good news is once you've learned to recognize the symptoms and worked with your doctor to find a treatment that works for you, you'll recognize depression if it reappears in your life. And, you'll know how to get help if it does.

More information about keeping depression under control.
Communication has a powerful ability to heal and help people make depression manageable. If you have depression, your doctor might recommend therapy in addition to prescribing the right medication. Talking to a therapist about life's serious events and daily challenges can help you feel better. It can also help you learn how to cope with the serious problems and sad events that inevitably occur throughout anyone's lifetime.

You can share your experiences with others! Read stories by real people, some of whom are living with depression, or share your own . Read inspirational poems, quotes, etc. about depression that were contributed by others, or submit your own writings.

[ If anyone wants to talk about depression, I have had two major bouts with it and am always willing to help others cope. Lee ]

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