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More and more Dr's are claiming that exercise in moderation is good for the heart. Even those with heart problems. You would have to check with you Dr. before starting any kind of an exercise program tho. Below you will find links and articles on this.

Exercise boosts good cholesterol for some men Aug 10 (Reuters Health) - Certain obese men can increase their levels of good cholesterol through regular extended endurance exercise, according to new study findings.

Couch potatoes may overestimate their activityJul 12 (Reuters Health) - When normal couch potatoes return from engaging in a little gardening, walking or some other physical activity, they may think that they have exerted more energy than they actually have, new study results suggest.

Exercise Marathon dancing may not be your thing but exercise helps. You should talk to your doctor about developing an exercise routine that's right for you.

Strengthening Your HeartYour heart is a muscle—perhaps your most important one—and it needs a workout, too.

What Are The Effects Of Exercise On The Heart An Circulation? Like all muscles, the heart becomes stronger and larger as a result of exercise so it can pump more blood through the body with every beat and sustain its maximum level with less strain.

Congestive Heart Failure : Training for a better life. Congestive heart failure (CHF) patients who exercise regularly can increase exercise tolerance, decrease dyspnea and fatigue, reduce the risk of arrhythmias, and improve quality of life.

A Guide To Exercise For Heart Failure Patiants. For many years, patients who had congestive heart failure (CHF) were advised to avoid physical activity. Now we know that most CHF patients have much to gain from exercise, at little risk.

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