My Family Pic's

This is a page of pictures of my family. I was going to write my story of my 3 years of living with cardiomyopathy but I decided since it is allready written at under Who's Who why write it twice. If you want to read it you can go to the web address I gave an do so. :) All I am doing here is showing my family an where my biggest support comes from. I am proud of my family. Please have patiance, this page takes a few to load. This page is under constuction too.

Family Picture. Me, John(Hubby),Erik, Mary, Micheal

Me an some of my kids

Erik an Jenny, my son an his wife

Joshua, my grandson

My older Kids, Lavina & Bobby

My granddaughter, Karina

Chris, my 16 year old

Jack, my brother {before he got sick)

Rhonda, My oldest sister


Erik my son an me