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A heart attack is called a myocardial infarction, or MI. It results from an abrupt reduction of coronary blood flow. You can see the coronary arteries on the illustration. If any of these become blocked a heart attack will follow.

A heart attack is primarily a LV disease(left ventricular--left side lower chamber of heart). Two-thirds of patients feel symptoms days to weeks before the event.


Symptoms & Signs

The early signs--days to weeks before--include angina (chest pain), shortness of breath or fatigue; although, some folks do not have symptoms. Please see our CALL 911, IF...page for symptoms for men and women--they can differ!

When brought to the emergency room, the patient is usually restless, apprehensive, pale, diaphoretic and in severe pain. Arrhythmias are common.


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In a typical MI the diagnosis is evident from the history, confirmed by an initial ECG and emzyme changes (as noted from blood work).


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In treatment, physicians want to relieve distress, limit the size of the infarct, reduce cardiac work, and treat any complications.

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MI is an acute medical emergency, demanding rapid diagnosis and treatment.

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