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Internal Cardioverter Defibrillators (or ICDs) are small, soap-sized devices that are generally implanted under the collarbone on the left side.

These devices are implanted in folks that have irregular rhythms that are dangerous and could lead to SCD (sudden cardiac death).

The device is able to shock the heart out of these arrhythmias, and they have saved many lives.

Below is some information and some new protocols for the use of ICDs, and also some very good links that will take you to sites that we recommend.

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(Ginger has had an EP Study--electrophysiology study, but does not have an ICD implanted and Lee has had the study and an ICD implanted. So if we can help in any way, just post a message.)

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Arrhythmia.Org is the Electrophysiology Site of St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital in New York City. Their physicians are among the best in the country. Their site includes information on ICDs, ablations, pacemakers, letter of recommendation, and other related information.

Guidant is a manufacturer of ICDs, pacemakers, stents, etc. There is a lot of good information on this site--help for folks having electrophysiology studies, coping with ICDs and pacemakers. Guidant is available 24 hours a day for technical service or questions from ICDers.

The EP Lab
The EP Lab is both a professional EP site and a site for patients. A must see for ICD and electrophysiology information.

The North American Society of Pacing Engineers is a good place to find an electrophysiologist to care for you in another part of the USA or if you are visiting another country. Don't stay home--enjoy!

Medtronics has a great site with plenty of ICD information, including how to find a physician when traveling.

St. Jude Medical (Arrhythmia Div.) All about ICDs, including:

The Zapper
Jon Duffey's Zapper Site is one of the best support groups on the web for ICDers!


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