Feeling afraid, angry, depressed?

These feelings are NORMAL, but can affect your desire for sex.
Some heart medications can also reduce your sexual desire.


Some physicians use the "two flights of stairs" rule
for folks with dilated cardiomyopathy...

...If you can go up two flights of stairs,
you can have sexual relations.

But remember, it is important to check with your own doctor!!!


Talk with Your Partner to Rebuild Intimacy

  • Give each other support
  • Choose a time and place where you can relax
  • Listen to each other--don't interrupt or criticize

START OUT SLOWLY. Sex is only one part of being intimate. Start by hugging, kissing, touching or caressing. When you feel ready for sex, focus on giving each other pleasure.

IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS. If you have angina, shortness of breath or have trouble sleeping after sex, or you are very tired the next day, talk to your doctor. And remember, some heart medications, such as beta-blockers, can affect sexual response.


These pages were taken from a Hospital Reference Booklet, but remember, they are not intended as a substitute for professional medical care. Only your physician can diagnose and treat a medical problem.

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