Praised by doctors as one of the best sources of information on diseases.

The American Heart Association
Official Site.

A full listing of Clinical Trials are yours for the asking at this web site--you even get to choose the state, country and conditions you are interested in!

Coreg Site
The pharmaceutical manufacturer's own site on Coreg.

Depression: HealthyPlace.com Mental Health Communities
The Internet's largest consumer menetal health resource...The site hosts active chat rooms and support groups, features online journals/diaries and psychological tests, etc.


 Dr. Koop's Website
Up-to-the-minute health information, including disease prevention and treatment options, diet assessment, and ways to measure your fitness.

Very good site with patient education re all medical specialties, articles, including recalls and alerts on drugs. Their slogan is "Instant access to the minds of medicine."

Food & Drug Administration (Government)
A lot of good consumer information from the Food & Drug Administration, the federal government's drug regulatory authority.

Heart Information: Chest Pain Flowchart
Suffering from unexplained chest pain? Patients can explore their symptoms by answering a series of yes/no questions on a flowchart.

Heart Information Network
This is a very impressive site with up to date news information, Heart Guides, Dietary Guidelines, and a CardioFit category that will help all of us! A Recommended "Go and See Site."

Excellent new site with search facilities and complete source of information for cardiac care. There are procedures, diagnostics and a newsletter.

Mission statement : The mission of the HeartCenterOnline is to be the premier cardiovascular specialized health care site on the Internet, to provide cardiovascular patients, their families and other site visitors with the tools they need to better understand the complex nature of heart-related conditions, treatments and preventive care, and to provide services and applications that deliver value to cardiology practices.

The HeartPoint Site has information on CHF, plus health tips, and some really good recipes. You will also find news items of interest.

Jon's Place
Probably the most complete site for cardiomyopathy and heart failure on the web. A lot of information, including "The Manual"--every patient should have one! Jon is endorsed by Dr. Marc Silver who wrote Success with Heart Failure. Jon has two message boards--one for folks with cardiomyopathy and heart failure and a separate message board for those whose loved ones have heart disease. Ginger and Lee go back a few years with Jon when he and his message board helped us tremendously--in fact Jon is our mentor--he encouraged us to "get the word out."

Medical Encyclopedia
The next best thing to having your own medical encyclopedia.

Medicine Net
This link takes you to the Medicine Net's explanation of CHF and many other heart-related subjects. It is very good for basic information.

This site has some wonderful recipes and also you can shop for heart healthy foods right on line. The webmaster is a CHF survivor!!

Causes and symptoms of a wide range of health problems, inclluding tretment options and clinical studies.


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