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American Heart Association -- WOMEN
The American Heart Association has a web site just for Women. It is full of all kinds of information as I am sure you all know.

Internal Medicine-Women and Heart Disease
Frequently Asked Questions Ellen Gordon, M.D Division of Cardiovascular Disease University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Heart Disease for Women
This site goes to a place called IVillage. It deals with Women's issues an has a great Heart section. It also has a monthly new's letter for Heart Health for Women.

This is a women's site for heart disease. It lists symptoms unique to women and how to get the best treatment possible.

Women's Heart Health
HeartWatch has good information and a series on Women an Heart Disease that is worth reading.

Women and Heart Disease
Doctors have been saying for a long time that HRT plays a role in Women's Heart Health. What they are not sure of is what kind. Conventional or Alternative. Soy is starting to be researched for this more and more. So we have some information here on both. It is a personal choice I believe on which way to go.

Clinical Trials an Guidelines
Looking for Clinical Trials ? This site will give you a pretty good guideline as to what they are about an how you can quailify and also the first two links on the page will take you to heart trials.

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Here are some articles that show how Men and Women are different with Heart problems and symptoms of Heart Attacks even tho they may have the same diagnosis. Check back as this will be updated as the information becomes available:

Men Vrs Women On Mortality Rates with CHF
Men Vrs Women on Exercise with CHF
Men an Women's Risk Factors
Women's Heart Attack Symptoms

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